The winner of the Balloon Race is Poppy Gibbs whose balloon ticket was found at Cheval Blanc, near Avignon in Southern France on 8 August 2008

Interactive map showing location where balloons have been found 

(click for larger map)

List of Balloons returned before 13 August 2008 

 Name                                    Found at (Click for map)                                  Distance

     Poppy Gibbs                   Cheval-Blanc, near Avignon, France                857 miles

Louis Watkins                   Sées, Basse-Normandie, France                     378 miles

Peter Thomas                   Hythe, Hampshire                                           166 miles

DW Billingsley                   Brockenhurst, New Forest                              156 miles

F. Lock                             Westbury, Wiltshire                                         113 miles

Deryn Gambles                 Frome, Somerset                                            111 miles

James ??                           Colerne Airport, Wilts                                  104 miles

Mo Haslam                      Trowbridge, Wiltshire                                      94 miles

Tim & Margaret Crawley  Marshfield, Chippenham, Wilts                        94 miles

Gemma & Lauren Bradford  Marshfield, Chippenham, Wilts                     94 miles 

Shirley Davies                  Marshfield, Chippenham, Wilts                        94 miles

Sandra Thomas               West Littleton, Chippenham, Wilts                   93 miles

Emma Phillips                Tytherington, Wooton-under-Edge                  92 miles

Vicky Sutton                   Tolldown Dyrham, Chippenham, Wilts             91 miles

DL Hughes-Jones           Yate, South Gloucestershire                               89 miles

Hannah Symons             Yate, South Gloucestershire                                89 miles

Leon Jones                     Yate, South Gloucestershire                                89 miles

Kristian Evans                Yate, South Gloucestershire                                89 miles

Meurig Jones                      Yate, South Gloucestershire                         89 miles

Fred Davies               Yate, South Gloucestershire                                 88 miles

Joy Gayther                    Yate, South Gloucestershire                                 88 miles

Anon                               Rangeworthy, Bristol                                         86 miles

Sandra Evans                  Rangeworthy, nr Bristol                                      86 miles

Kath Bufton                    Thornbury, Gloucestershire                                84 miles

Adrian Morgan               Thornbury, Gloucestershire                                84 miles

Jessica Weale                 Whitfield, Thornbury, Gloucestershire                83 miles

Ruby Dwyre       Rockhampton, nr. Thornbury, Gloucestershire             82 miles

Amy Watkins                  Cirencester                                                         81 miles

Tom Duggan                  Berkeley, Gloucestershire                                    79 miles

John Gribben                  Slimbridge, Gloucestershire                                 77 miles

Sarah Watkins                Painswick Beacon, Gloucestershire                       67 miles

Nia Thomas                    Alvington nr Lydney                                             62 miles

Bethany Dallan               Monmouth                                                            52 miles

John Bithell                     Bartestree, Hereford                                             37 miles

Ruth Willmott                Eardisland, near Leominster                                  23 miles



Balloon launch 17 July 2008 

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